Monday, January 22, 2007


Liang Court has got competition for the Japanese dollar! SoHo @ Central is starting to open its doors...

Well, I'm not sure that's the name of the place. It's labelled Central on the wall above Clarke Quay MRT, it's called SoHo@Central on (and is scheduled to open in 2013), and websearches don't seem to show a place.

But anyway, it commands a beautiful view above Clarke Quay and seems to have a fantastic assortment of restaurants coming up, including Waraku and Sun with Moon (of the Tofu Cheesecake...

How beautiful a view? Well, this is the view from Dining@Kopitiam, the food court.

Hm. wonderful, innit? Well, I don't think I've mentioned before how much I like Waraku. It's yet another Jap place that's pretty good and at the same time affordable. At about $15 for a basic meal and $25 inclusive of dessert, it's mid-range. And both the Marina Square branch and the SoHo@Central branch offer a good ambience, though the service standard at the SoHo branch still needs to pick up.

Of course, the other important thing is that the portions are plentiful and the meat (pork katsu don in this case) is nicely fatty and delicious.

Try out the restaurants here before they become crowded!

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