Friday, December 15, 2006

Miharu Ramen

I fell in love with Miharu Ramen (76 Robertson Quay, Gallery Hotel ground floor) the very first time I went with my sister.. At the time, it was a sunday lunchtime and we waited 45 min to be seated, which my sister told me was already shorter than the usual 1 hour wait on weekday lunches.

There's good reason too. The food's really good! A quick search on the internet quickly yields links to Travelling Hungryboy's review (one of several) (and he totally dissed tampopo as I mentioned before), Ringisei's review, and even a CNA special.

A lot of cool things about this place:
1) The philosophy is just cool. All over the place there are posters talking about how the noodles are all imported from Hokkaido where they are made with the well-water there, about how the eggs are made, how the chef thinks ramen should be eaten in 10 minutes so as to be fresh...

Of course, we totally broke that rule, hogging the place for a ridiculously longtime, first holding seats and later chatting after dinner... *sheepish*

2) The eggs are fantastic!!

Okay, maybe the photo don't look so hot, but the eggs are just nice - the yolk's still kind of liquid, just a little bit, whereas the white is just a little sweet with the soya sauce.
3) The ramen itself is very good value for money - smooth noodles, just-nice broth, and lots of meat and ingredients for just about $12.

So, go try this out!

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