Friday, December 08, 2006

Tampopo Ramen

My office people go to Tampopo Ramen every now and then, since it's quite nearby, just over at Liang Court. Liang Court as a shopping centre is pretty focused on Japanese tastes, with a Japanese supermarket (Meidi-Ya), A Kinokuniya which stocks Japanese books, and many many ramen stalls in the basement. I guess it's a historical thing, since I remember Daimaru used to be there as well - for the longest time I referred to that place simply as Daimaru, long after it was no longer accurate.

There's a ton of notices outside - food reviews and stuff, so the place seems to be pretty good. (Later on, while trying to find the website for this stall I come across Travelling Hungryboy's post saying it ain't so, but I didn't know that)

So here's the ramen. Mine isn't the expensive Jangara ramen mentioned in the article - but I find it's adequately good. The sauce is extremely salty! So next time I won't go for "shio", maybe "miso".

The pork is supposed to be special black pig. For the record, it's not bad, but there wasn't really lots of it... actually, it was quite little...

Still, it's not terribly expensive, I think I paid $14 for my meal.

So.. a nice place to go in town, but not extremely fantastic...

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