Monday, August 28, 2006

A lot of interesting readings...

Yep.. I did some reading in a bit of spare time today, found quite a bit of nice sites to improve self..

First, Greg Mankiw's blog. He's an economics professor, and I went from Marginal Revolution to there because of this article on Inequality and Unions. It puts forward an interesting question on where inequality stems from.

From there I followed his link to Piled Higher and Deeper, which is this awesome comic I first picked up in Stanford. It's about PhD students, and how ordinary (well, maybe not-so-ordinary) students muddle their way through Permanent Head Damage...

After that, it was this article about how, basically, empathy seems to be a choice that we can make - which I agree entirely with!

Some more interesting readings, but I think I'm gonna segment them out so I can say more in detail about each one.

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