Saturday, August 26, 2006

Key's birthday

This was Key during our birthday dinner at Tonkichi. Beautiful, isn't she? She's pounding the sesame for the sauce. Pity, I enjoyed the katsu more without the sauce.

And this was me!

I booked a hotel room in Four Seasons The Regent. It was nice, not bad - but I think next year we'll try something else, get a different experience. This was the room... It was spacious, though. We spent a lot of time lazing here, or in the Regent Club, with freeflow drinks and cookies / snacks.

After the dinner we went shopping at Kino, then tried to look for a pub. The first few at Orchard road were too crowded / noisy, and then later as we got closer to the hotel they were all quite quiet. In the end we went to the hotel bar. Keying got a frozen margarita which was not a match for the Olive Garden one. And I somehow ended up with a chick drink! Next time, I'm only going to have beer. Somehow, everytime I ask for a cocktail it looks like a chick drink. damn sianz.

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