Monday, October 10, 2005

Session at Cecily's

Had a pot luck session at cecily's yesterday.. though I didn't bring anything! Hee.. didn't know what to get also, figured I'd join Kok Peng's suggestion to get there, see what we're short and pay for pizza for the shortfall. There was too much food though, oops... Haha.. Or like Velle said, if everyone brought food then all of us would go back bloated.

I haven't met up with everyone in a while. More and more are not doing engineering jobs, only chor ling and regina are still in relatively harder engineering industries.

Fun session in general! Played minimize, but because the group was so large we didn't keep score. A more immediate gratification form of the game with forfeit eating for the loser.. somehow less satisfaction! I guess next time for these gatherings I should supply games! Bring along taboo or another one of those classics.

I'd never been to Cilly's place, it was quite nice. Strange to be living "alone" in Singapore, as in non-family.. (she's got a housemate, Japanese). The feeling is like in Stanford, all these student homes... a feeling of austerity brought on by the lack of certain types of furnishings our parents would buy. The kind of classiness from a certain modern aesthetic in the kind of placemats, table arrangements, and so on she has. Empty space well-maintained in the home because you don't have family members adding stuff to the living room and leaving things lying around. And the kind of "bachelor pad-ness" that comes from having a fridge in the living room as well as in the kitchen. Makes me feel like I want to move out soon sometimes. But family has its own benefits.. Much as I quarrel tons with my mom, I acknowledge that she cares a lot, and really takes pains particularly to ensure we don't fall sick..

Cilly herself, I haven't seen for a longer period then the rest, generally other than the significant others, I'd seen the rest at Reg's place the last time. Hee.. Cilly's slimmed down a bit, and sounding a bit more Singaporean too!
Ah well.. till next time!

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