Monday, October 10, 2005

Operation soon

In less than 3 hours I'll be checking in.

I received an email from FCBC about the prisons ministry that I'd signed up for about 2 months back? It's a serious commitment. Like really serious. The coordinator's email somehow manages to communicate that clearly, setting a challenge that makes me want to grit my teeth and go through with it. It seemed like an answer to a prayer when I signed up to know more.. I was looking for a different approach to serve, something different from THC, something close to the ground, no longer managing but actually caring and doing. But now I still haven't managed to hand off my THC responsiblities yet. And FCBC side seems to require a much more serious, years-long commitment than I can give.

.... What now? Argh. I'll worry about it after the op.

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