Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Taka parking

Got a rude shock today when I tried to park at Taka. After I reached the barrier, saw that the price was quite expensive, so I decided to go through the car park and come straight out. Was stunned that the car park charged me for that first half hour of parking even though I was in there like 3 min.

So what to do? Even though the amount for half an hour is quite small, was quite peeved - By the time I see the rate I can't reverse anymore, and there's no indication that there's no grace period. And when I went to the customer service in Taka, I was redirected to the security post, which redirected me to the car park management office on L7, where the guard at first told me there was no manager but later connected me to an operations executive.

In summary - the exec did *some* service recovery (gave me a parking coupon for 1 hour's value, but which I'm dubious I'll use within its expiry date), and I'm not angry with him. What I am angry with is this very unreasonable policy where
(a) by the time you see the signage you basically have to park unless you want to cause havoc in the run-up to the car park
(b) no grace period
(c) no indication that there's no grace period
(d) no refund policy. As in "no refund" policy.

So I'm going to write in. Only thing is, I don't think they'll change their policy. I've been told I'm not the only complainant in the xx years that the car park has been in operation - but doesn't that indicate that the problem is quite pervasive? Anyway, since the operations exec has told me that they will definitely reply to my feedback (and I have his namecard), I'll write in first, and see what they reply. After that, as necessary, may forward to CASE? Lol... it seems small, but it's just the principle of the matter. I mean, I spent half an hour chasing this down, whereas I'm sure in most situations I would just have let it go and let them earn the dollar off me. It's not worth my time, or anyone's time, to settle just one case, but just not happy to let it go!

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