Saturday, September 15, 2007

Connecting to the internet, anytime...

So I know I'm a digital immigrant, but I've been feeling a need to be accessible to the internet 24/7.. The handphone's data access is fairly expensive so I don't feel that's an adequate solution, and with free wi-fi in Singapore (in most places) I've been tempted to buy a wi-fi capable pda or phone.

For instance, when I was at work in Jogjakarta this week, there was an social event where we needed to sing a song and I quickly went online to download the song lyrics. I'm shuddering to think what the bill would be because it's overseas access to GPRS. Hopefully not too much...

Nonetheless, in the end I decided not to buy a wi-fi pda. And frankly, I'm not going to use wi-fi in public places much because a laptop is just too heavy to lug around.

That's why this article at Wired about how plans to have wi-fi in cities around the world are failing, is quite striking to me. High setup costs and low demand - a killer for most commercial apps, basically. There's a separate commentary over at Communities Dominate Blogs as well. Which makes me glad that somehow we managed to force ourself past that barrier here.

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