Monday, May 07, 2007

SWA Restaurant

I mentioned quite some time ago that I was going to eat at the SWA Restaurant. Much delayed, but here's the pics! Separately, Qiwei informs me that this is his dad's favourite restaurant too!

This was the duck, which was really quite well done - very tasty and tender! Generally most of the dishes were done in a savoury, high-flavour, probably unhealthy but two thumbs up manner... such as the pork dish here...

Of course, some healthy greens are needed too! Cooked very well too, the firm-ness of the broccoli was just nice.

I didn't enjoy the chicken much, probably because I prefer my meat de-boned...

Here's the fish - wasn't fantastic, I normally prefer the sweet soya sauce gravy for the flavour, and this was lacking..

After the rave reviews I read earlier, the kway teow was a disappointment - tough and rubbery. I don't think it's as good as advertised!

Overall - meal was about $30 per head and food was decent. Service was normal for chinese restaurants (ie non-existent) and parking difficult.. Overall, was a little disappointed, but would not mind going for another try at a later date.

To recap, here's the contact details:
540-542 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368223 - tel number 67445009

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