Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Handphones for children?

NYTimes is now carrying an article about handphones for children - like primary school, not secondary, and not like in Singapore, where the kids carry adult-type cellphones, but some really cute and kid-friendly handphones - like with just 5 buttons, so probably they can contact you, and you can contact them, and there's no incentives for criminals to steal their handphones (though I don't know about bullies).

There was another article at Communities Dominate Blogs about phones targeted at kids. It mentions the same kinds of features - bright colours, child-toy shapes and robustness, cutesy interfaces. But it comes with additional features!

It has a built-in alarm. One that is viciously loud. But better than that - when that alarm is sounded, the phone camera takes a picture ! Yes, that is why the flash, because the target may be attempting to bully (or rob) the child in a dark alleyway. And yes - the best part - when the alarm goes off, the childrens' phone - and KDDI - immediately send a picture message to the parent. If the child is in trouble, just take out the phone, sound the alarm, point the camera at the bully, and your PARENTS immediately see who is attempting to bully the child.

Lol.. they should put these features on every phone, not just the children's ones. But ask you a question, how would you like it if your kid got antsy while you were out and pressed the alarm for fun?

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