Friday, September 01, 2006

Good old Frog Porridge

Teachers' Day, Friday. Lunch at Good old Frog Porridge. For those not familiar with Mandarin, the characters there mean "Good" "Porridge" "Way", which also puns roughly as "conscientious (or good) service".

So it's frog legs, served in a variety of seasonings. We had an equal portion of chilli and wine ones, of which I only took the wine ones. Frog legs were okay -- but the porridge was fantastic, good texture, went well with the sauce on the legs. Price - about $11 per head. Location: right outside Chinatown MRT. Can try!


toniXe said...

Wow nice specialist shops for frog porridge, lucky people. Here in KL its in old shops/shacks and besides jungle maybe 4 the authentic flavour ?

ever tried in KL?

stella said...

hi im stella from good old frog porridge..thanks for yours support and we already moved to 249,outram road singapore 169048 telephone number is 65369515.our business hours from 12noon-12am.thanks..

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,
Noticed that your restaurant is no longer operating at the Outram site. Have you found another location yet? if yes, please provide address so that we can go visit - miss your frogs!


Amy said...

Stella could you email me if you have shifted to a new location? I have been waiting for your call after outram closed. my email is