Saturday, April 15, 2006

Miharu Ramen

Lunch today at Miharu Ramen, Galleria Hotel, opposite Robertson Square. Hmm.. nice place, each bowl of ramen costs $10-$12 and they are totally non-pushy about just serving you plain, iced water. Which is good cos the dishes go very well with that! The ramen is of a special Sapporo blend, apparently the noodles are made with wellwater from Hokkaido and shipped frozen here, before being defrosted over 3-5 days.. and many of the ingredients are specially shipped in as well.

My dish: The Tokusen Shio, noodles in pork salt broth.. the broth tasted very very nice, and a bit reminiscent of maggi mee, lol.

Highlights: The noodles are really, really nice. Good texture and very tasty. The eggs are good too, they serve you half an egg with each of the main dishes but you can add more. The egg itself is cooked to a very exact timing so the yolk is still just a tiny little bit liquidy.. and the egg is soaked in soya sauce after cooking, so the white carries a hint of soya taste. The two taste elements combine very well!

Slightly negative points: The shio is "pork salt", so it's not surprising that it's a little too salty, though liberal amounts of ice cool water helps! Also, the soup base is very oily, really very oily... Lastly, my sister advised us not to add the bamboo shoots, which supposedly is super-pungent. No idea though.

Overall: I would recommend this place! Quite fast meals, ramen is supposed to be taken in ten minutes according to the chef. Supposedly the waiting time for lunch seats on weekdays is half an hour to an hour though, so that might make weekday work lunches a bit difficult.

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