Saturday, June 04, 2005

sgblogconspiracy: It's cool, d00d!

Right.. just following mrbrown's idea.

1)'s WHOIS is registered to an IDA bigwig (from some blog )
2) Woodlands Library is hosting the Singapore Blogger's Convention
3) Shine! is paying for refreshments there.
4) Straits Times is putting out news on blogs like there's no tomorrow.

General conclusion
Govt is going to link your blog to your NRIC Rank and Name you, and if you make the wrong comment it's going to nerf you!

My version

(somewhere in some gahmen office)
List of cool things to make Singapore cooler
Skateboarding and Rollerblading (check)
HipHop (check)
Amazing Races around Singapore (check)

"Hey, what's this 'blocking' thing ah?"
"Can we get in on this? You know, so we can be cool too!"
"Yah, we should organize it, and sub-committee it. No no, must decentralize, get non-govt people to do it! Get the community leaders to take charge!"
"Must have conference! Visible reports, and lots of news coverage. Let the whole world see that we're cool and happening! Also that we have lots of free speech! Don't let that AcidFlask get us down!"
"Hey, I think your key board must be spoilt. What does d00d mean?"

Hmm. Dunno whether to go for the convention or not...

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