Monday, January 10, 2005

Fluido and Pepper

Went for my first proper physio today. Theme: Mobilisation. Basically my wrist recovery is now focusing on getting back mobility, I'm kind of stiff after 5 months casted and splinted. So they have this Fluido machine, it uses heated sand to warm up the wrist so that it stretches better, and ask me to repeat stretching exercises for the wrist. Hopefully it'll have a good effect.. I can't really talk about progress because I only have results for today's training... Next week I'll be able to give results.

Anyway, my sister finally gave me some insight as to why I might hate spicy food so much. She was telling Jeremy and me an interesting anecdote about sibling rivalry, and shared about how she'd once added pepper into my Milo when I was five. apparently, I'd complained to my mom "This milo is hot!" to which the reply was, "It's milo, of course it's hot!"

Eh.. so it's not my fault I don't take spicy food, it's my sister's!

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